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Everything is “A punt”, we’re “on our marks” for the 11th of September demonstration, for the “Diada”, Catalonia’s National Day. For a future that is near, very near. 

This year’s event will be held simultaneously in 5 cities across Catalonia, as well as in 50 more cities around the world. 

This concurrent organisation of 5 coordinated, complementary, simultaneous demonstrations is a gigantic challenge of participation, registration, coordination and mobilisation. However, hours before the event takes place, we can already feel that it will be a huge success. The hundreds of thousands who are planning to attend are very excited about this huge democratic gathering. 

The Catalan National Assembly and Omnium Cultural have organised this mobilisation every 11th of September for five years in a row to demand independence and it is the word ‘independence’ that thousands of voices will utter together at precisely 17:14 (5:14 pm) Catalonia time. And while this is an unabashedly pro-independence demonstration, all democrats, all those who defend a common space, all those who defend “the right to decide”, are welcome. 

This is an extraordinary moment. For the first time in history the Catalan Parliament has a clear majority of pro-independence MPs. The Catalan Parliament has a democratic mandate to move forward on its roadmap to independence despite opposition from the Constitutional Court, and a Spanish State facing the possibility of a third election (since they've been incapable of forming Government after the first two).

We are moving forward. We are on our marks. This Sunday’s demonstrations in Salt, Lleida, Berga, Tarragona and Barcelona will be exciting, amazing, an awesome miracle. At 17:05 (5:05 pm) Catalonia time the connections will start between the 5 demonstration points, from 5 corners of the country. At 17:45, after singing the Catalan National Anthem (“Els Segadors”), the official event will come to a close. But not the party, this party for democracy. Hundreds of volunteers have been working for weeks for these 45 minutes that will show the world, one more time, that we are a nation, that we are confident, that Catalans are standing strong for independence. Catalans will create a 21st century country, integrating bottom-up democratic innovations. We still don't have the right to fully take decisions about our future, but this Sunday we will tell the world, once more, about our dream of freedom. We want our own state. Nothing more, nothing less. 


Montse Daban

Catalan National Assembly International Committee Chair

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